Unveil the Wonders of Lac Saint-Pierre

Embark on a Nautical Adventure

Join us for an unforgettable journey through the Archipelago of Lac Saint-Pierre, where nature and history come alive.

Tour Highlights


Great Heron Tour

Experience a 3 to 4-hour tour exploring the serene habitats of the majestic herons.


Journey of the Ancient Navigators

Enjoy a 5 to 6-hour adventure discovering the rich history and vibrant wildlife of the islands.


Choose from tours lasting between 3 to 6 hours, filled with exploration and discovery.


Starting at $235 

Included Equipment

Nautical safety gear, temporary boat driver’s permit, and a wildlife observation kit are provided.

Discover the Beauty

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Choose Your Adventure

Independent Adventure Route

Select the best plan for your group size and budget.


Excursion for 1-10 people per boat


Excursion for 4-6 People


Excursion for 6-10 People

Great Heron Tour

Journey of the Ancient Navigators

Guided Discovery Tour

Explore our competitive pricing for an unforgettable experience.


Starting at $235

Starting at $345

Starting at $420

3 to 4 Hours

5 to 6 Hours

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